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Do any of these statements from your teams sound familiar?

  • Here we go again. Another CHANGE coming and we’re still having problems with the current one.
  • Sales are down so they’re grabbing at straws. They’re just making this CHANGE because they don’t know what else to do.
  • This CHANGE is going to disrupt everything. By the time they’re done with it we’re not going to know which end is up or down.
  • What the heck do they want from me anyhow? Now, with this new CHANGE, I have no idea where I fit. And who am I supposed to report to?
  • OK. So we’re going to have a big CHANGE. I wonder what I’ll have to give up or lose this time. You know it’s always something. Enough already!

Are your teams feeling:

  • frustrated
  • abandoned
  • angry
  • lost
  • doubtful
  • overwhelmed
  • scared
  • distrusting
  • ready to explode
  • weary
  • or just plain confused

Are you experiencing:

  • lower sales numbers
  • productivity slipping
  • employee-engagement suffering
  • leadership losing its direction
  • a general malaise from current
    or impending CHANGE?

Is your current change formula not working?
Do you even have one?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need a CHANGE FORMULA that works not just in the short run, but for the long haul.
All the way to the bank!

Whether for your organization, your team or yourself this ground-breaking set of tools created and developed over 25 years of corporate and independent trial, error, and success and greater success is now available for you.

This 5 STARR Formula is designed to apply 5 Key Triggers:
Armed with this 5 STARR Formula you can take on the biggest or smallest of CHANGES in your organization, team, or self.

Results being achieved with this Formula:

“Our team is now on the same page with clarity in our direction forward”
“We can now see our new roles and how they fit in the larger CHANGE goals”
“We’re getting greater employee engagement and CHANGE buy-in NOW”
“Coaching and mentoring is actually starting to show significant results”
“Team efficiency has increased as well as productivity has increased by 29%”

This Formula is made up of 5 online training modules. Within each module you’ll find 5 elements and 10 action steps (for the organization, team or individual) to create the exponential growth you want.
Clients say that even just after the first module, you’ll begin to see a major shift in how your organization, team or yourself looks at CHANGE. It will no longer be seen as just a DISRUPTOR or foe, but will begin to be seen as an ALLY, a major hurdle that is critical to your Grand CHANGE Plan’s Success!








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