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Change Saboteur

Change Saboteur: Friend or Foe? Welcome to those of you who are reading this. I have pulled this out of my 5 STARR Formula for Championing CHANGE Video Series as a stand-alone blog. What you are reading is one of 25 elements in that video… read more

Brain Exercise

Brain Exercise for EXPONENTIAL Business & Personal Growth This blog is based on an excerpt from OPPOSITE HAND ATTACK the Bonus Chapter in my book, “When CHANGE Means BUSINESS” How to Achieve EXPONENTIAL Business Growth Thru 5 CHANGE-DRIVERS. OPPOSITE HAND… read more

How to improve your memory

Improve Your Memory For Better Business & Life. Wow! You just found a blog to change how you can use your memory more effectively to save you time, money and stress in your work and personal life. If, you like me, think it sounds too good to be true, keep… read more

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