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As a professional speaker with over 2,500 presentations, I have seen hundreds of speakers and DW is one of the best. His passion, enthusiasm and especially his expert grasp of change in the workplace will provide your audience with a power-packed, hands-on experience. If you could only hire one speaker on change, DW is the one!

Arnold Sanow, author of “Present with Power, Punch and Pizzazz”

His presentation skills were excellent and very animated. The overall program was great.The tip I will use tomorrow is the value of identifying an achievable goal and overcoming the obstacles to realize it.

Retired Serviceman, Wounded Warrior Project

It was as though I knew DW forever. He made me want to go out and grab life again. His presentation was exceptional and thought provoking. The tip I will use tomorrow is that I have the tools I need to succeed to change my thinking and start living. That don’t give up on yourself. My hope is restored. 

Carline Buckley

Good energy – can’t beat enthusiasm and optimism and DW had it — regardless of the “generation gap”. The tip I received from this session that I will use tomorrow is ” Be your own motivator! ” 

Samuel ,Wounded Warrior Project

DW’s presentation skills are excellent. He made it easy for me to learn the topics being taught. I will remember that I can change my thinking to get my results.

Adam Fisher, Wounded Warrior Project

DW, your interaction with people is so refreshing. So many speakers I’ve heard seem to talk at the audience. You make the audience feel like you are talking with them. Your understanding of change and how it can be beneficial is just how I feel. DW, you really opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing how others view it. I am looking forward to using your tip – “5 steps to handle the change saboteur.”

Syed Amiry, DO, Center for Cosmetic Dermatology, Owner

My introduction to a client will be more informative. I will visualize my goals for the interaction. The presentation was very informative. I learned a lot of networking tricks. I want to learn more about the “Elevator Pitch”.

Steve Chauncey, ETC, Engineer

This presentation was perfect timing for me. It dovetails with a project I have been working on for a while. I will take your Changercise shape model and start applying it immediately. I think you are funny and disarming and full of great ideas. Your illustrations make the information very relatable and usable. This is one of the best presentations I’ve ever attended. B.C. ,

Non-Profit Development

If you’re looking for a speaker who will make a real difference in your company, DW is the one for you. His unique presentation style of “facts and funny” are sure to have your audience paying attention. He is full of tips and techniques that your employees can use right away. Hire him, and you’ll be happy you did.

Matt Fee, Reed Elsevier, Account Manager

He was a very engaging and a good speaker. Now and in the future I will look at a netwoking encounter differently, with a greater focus on listening. I want to learn more on the structure of conversation in an elevator talk. Everything was very good. I am glad I came.

Tom Sullivan, ETC, Engineer

DW was very comfortable and confident in his presentation. He definitely had a different approach to how to think about networking encounters. His unique KEY POINTS business card approach was very helpful. I plan to use this now and in the future.

Alicia Afroilan, ETC, Admin.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to audiences myself. And I know how sometimes it can be difficult. I am very impressed at his ease with people. DW makes the listener feel like they are sitting at their kitchen table having a chat with him. What a skill that is. If change is in your company or associations’ future, you need DW.

G. Shanahan, American Capital, Manager

DW Thank you for helping me to stop thinking small and to believe in my greatness and the unique, powerful gifts I bring to the world and those in my life now and in the future. You were funny, imnteresting and inspiring all at the same time. You stories were so real and believable. Very enjoyable.,

Patty Marcus, Asia Pacific Initiatives, Director

DW, your stories about change were great. I want to thank you for reminding me that to reach my goal I must change my attitude. I really like the way you reinvented yourself time and time again. That was very inspiring I really learned alot. Oh yeah, I really liked your magic trick. It was both funny and interesting.

Martha Plimless, Network Marketing Consultant

Your unbridled optimism and courage was so refreshing.Using your 5 Starr Formula model really made your point. I didn’t like your self-deprecatory remarks. Not needed. Yours is a great story of overcoming adversity. By telling your story it was not only inspiring, but it made you real and believable. I’ve asked the director to please bring you back in 6 months.

Jeannine Wray, Self- reliant and Self-employed

You really have a genuine love of change. I for one usually don’t like change. And so by the time you were done speaking to our group I was able to see change from a whole new perspective. The examples and tips you gave were very helpful. Not only that, but in the last 4 days I have been able to accomplish more toward my project goals than I have in the last 16 years on this job. Thank you for helping me to this point. I know I still have a long way to go, but now I know change is no longer my enemy.

Sue Hodgson, JP Medical Ltd, UK – Associate Publisher


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