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CHANGE is no stranger to DW, having lived thru three separate TBI ( Traumatic Brain Injury) accidents…the first being  at 2 years old. With an “attitude of gratitude” DW shares his wisdom in business as a CHANGE and BUSINESS Growth Expert, Celebrated Keynote Speaker and Author  “When CHANGE Means BUSINESS”,and creator and developer of the 5 STARR Formula for Championing Change and Leadership Development. DW is a Million Dollar Sales Producer, and Consultant to Global Fortune 2000 companies.DW is a former Movie Director/ Actor in the US ARMY, former Trainer/Coach with Anthony Robbins’ Companies,  and former Radio Host of the DW STARR SHOW. DW’s been Called “One of The Best Interactive, Entertaining & Practical Business Speakers.”   He has helped thousands of Company Leaders and their Teams learn to CHANGE their perspective from – CHANGE as Disruptor to CHANGE as AWESOME ALLY., and to apply his 5 STARR Formula for Championing Change to create the EXPONENTIAL growth they are striving for. His motto “IF YOU’RE NOT CHANGING…YOU’RE FALLING BEHIND!”

Change is happening at warp-speed.  Change has become EXPONENTIAL. The changes in the next 20 years will far surpass the changes that have occurred in the last 300.It’s happening with you or without you.  Many people do more to avoid change than gain pleasure.  They are “comfortable” where they are personally: Emotionally, Socially, Physically as well as in their business. Look what happened to Napster, Kodak, Blockbuster when they were “comfortable.” And where are they now? Are you old enough to remember the gas-station attendant, the bank teller.   Oh yeah, the bank teller is still here FOR NOW. Did you know… 40% of the fortune 500 companies that were around 10 years ago are no longer here! And if you drive a taxi or own a taxi company, you better look behind you because Uber and Lyft are chomping at your bumper and soon even the Disruptive Uber may be taken over by the major auto industry leaders as GM, Mercedes, and others are developing autonomous vehicles. Now you say, “Hey, that won’t happen to us, to our industry.” Currently threatened, or soon to be, will be insurance sales-people, lawyers, financial analysts and brokers, pharmacists, mattress stores, elder-care attendants, and many more on their way.

It’s time to not only embrace change but to recognize CHANGE is Changing! What worked yesterday will not work tomorrow.  We have to get in front of that EXPONENTIAL CHANGE curve if we want to not only survive BUT THRIVE. His 5 Starr Formula for Championing Change helps business and their Teams do just that by giving them a step-by-step Formula for CHANGE SUCCESS. A few quotes from his raving fans…”When is he coming back?”, “Loved DW’s practical tips & tools.” “powerful message”,  “ So many LIGHT-BULB MOMENTS.”

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